BYOB Questions

Below are the most frequent questionsfor about our BYOB policy. We do our best to thoroughly cover each scenario fro you.

The way it works is that there MUST BE at least 6 people per bottle that you bring in.

Here is an example of bottle sizes:

  • 16 oz: 4 people minimum
  • 25 oz: 6 people minimum
  • 33 oz: 7 people minimum
  • 59 oz: 14 people minimum

No.  Depending on the size as we have stated above is the number of guests we require to consume.

No matter if you brought a bottle or not, we require any alcohol consumption to be done by no later than 2AM.  We call for last call at 1:45, and remove any alcoholic beverages (including bottles) by 2:00AM on the dot!!!



No matter what level of member you are, the number of people must match the number of bottles you bring in.  See the first question above to see how many people per bottle.

NO! The same bottle ratio applies to EVERYONE.  The difference is in the type of service that membership levels differ in (from free VIP table, front of line access, private bartender, etc…).

Please be prepared to show proof of membership first.  Then we will have to check in your bottle for our record tracking procedures.

As a Private Members Only Gentleman’s Club, we must follow all applicable liquor laws that apply to the BYOB license.  And what we have stated above must be adhered too in order for us to enjoy the privilege of bringing in your own bottle and save TONS of money that no other club can do here in the valley!!!!

Kandies is a Members Only club now.  Members can bring in “Prospect Members” when they bring in their bottles. But “prospect members” cannot bring in bottles unless they are a member of the club.  NO EXCEPTIONS!